What we Expect form Students ?

  1. Student must attend the morning and evening assembly regularly .
  2. Students must be in  the school in the prescribed uniform.
  3. Colouring and cropping hair is not alloeed.
  4. Carrying any unnecessary think like CDS, Cassettes, Albums, Mobiles or any non textual things are strictly prohibited.
  5. Students must behave politely and be friendly with all. They should respect the seniors and show their love towards the juniors.
  6. Students should not keep their hair long , get their hair dyed and use nail polish.
  7. Follow the rules, guideless, and policies of the school.
  8. Beware of the academic requirement for the merit list in subject areas.
  9. Attend the class on time and be prepare with the require material and assignment.
  10. Contribute positively towards creating and atmosphere that enhances learning.
  11. Be responsible while handling the school equipment.
  12. Cooperate with those who have designated duties, including teaching as well as non-teaching staff, Older students and parents.        
  13. Respect other students as well as teachers, visitors, and the member of the non-teaching staff.
  14. Display common courtesy and good manners.
  15. Greet Teachers, Visitors, and other members of the staff.
  16. Solve any kind of the problems in the non-violent way.
  17. Be proactive and display leadership quality.
  18. Make an effort to be inclusive and discourage 'cliques ' from forming within the class.
  19. Help others in need both inside and outside the school.
  20. Develop a positive attitude.